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Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker *BOGO*

Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker *BOGO*

Price each
 Seamaid-Blue 2 Blue$49.95$39.99Buy Now
 Seamaid-Red 2 Red$49.95$39.99Buy Now
 Seamaid-BR 1 Blue, 1 Red$49.95$39.99Buy Now


Sea Maid is excited to introduce a new spin on your favorite summertime treat.

Can you imagine making fresh ice cream right on your boat? With the Sea Maid, you can!

The The Sea Maid is a tow-behind ice cream maker that can mix up 12.5oz ice cream in as little as 20 minutes.

You can tow it behind a pontoon boat, cruiser, or sailboat. It can even be towed behind your kayak.

The flavors can be mixed at home and kept in the cooler with your other on board snacks and beverages.

What other way can you make treats by throwing the ingredients overboard? For only $39.95, your boat will double as a floating ice cream parlor.

Available in both RED or BLUE


With the Sea Maid ice cream maker all you need is heavy cream, flavor of your choice, ice, and rock salt. The cream and flavor go into the internal mixing container. Remove the lid from the mixing container and fill it an inch from the top to leave room for expansion, replace the lid. Next, remove the lid from the large chamber and  fill the internal chamber of the Sea Maid with as much ice as possible and ½ cup of rock salt. Replace the lid and give the Sea Maid a good shake to mix the ice and rock salt, after you’ve made sure it’s sealed tight. Attach a line onto the heavy-duty swivel and drop it over the side. As long as you’re moving, the Sea Maid will do all the work. A spiral-dynamic exterior chamber keeps the Sea Maid in constant motion while being towed. In 20-25 minutes, you will have fresh ice cream. For best results do not tow over 8 MPH.