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Michigan Match Propeller 9-1/2 X 10 3 Blade 012111
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Michigan Match Propeller 9-1/2 X 10 3 Blade 012111

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Michigan Match passes the savings on to you in the form of a high quality, better-performing propeller that typically costs less than the engine manufacturer propeller you're replacing. Every Michigan Match propeller features a NAVAL brass spindle with a rubber cushioned hub which absorbs impact and the stress caused by shifting gears. The rubber bushing is designed to spin free under signifiant impact, reducing the potential for lower unit damage. Great primary propeller, yet priced as a weekend-saver spare!

Recommended Boat Applications: Inflatables, Aluminum Consols, Walleye Boats, Offshore Singles, Pontoon, Skiboats, Family Cruisers, Workboats, and Houseboats.

Michigan Wheel Match 9-1/2 X 10 RH 3 Blade Aluminum Propeller 012111 

Fits: Evinrude / Johnson 8, 9.9-15 Horsepower

9.9 - 15 HP (non 4-stroke) 1974-2005 
8 HP 1995-2001 
9.9 HP 1995-2001 
15 HP (4-stroke) 1995-2001 

Our part number 012111
OEM Part number 174950, 778772
9-1/2 X 10 RH 3 Blade Aluminum Match Propeller
Pressed in rubber hub

Thru-hub exhaust & 13 splines

Johnson Evinrude 3 blade aluminum props