Michigan Edge II 14-1/4″ x 20″ 3 Blade Right Hand Stainless Propeller for Yamaha 150-300 HP 103036 N.O.S.


Michigan Edge II  propeller for Yamaha Outboards


Recommended Boat Applications: Inflatables, Aluminum Consoles, Walleye Boats, Offshore Singles, Pontoon, Ski boats, Family Cruisers, Work boats, and Houseboats.

Michigan Edge II Stainless Steel  Propeller 14-1/4 X 20 RH 3 Blade 103036

New Old Stock-Limited inventory

Michigan Wheel Edge II 103036 Stainless Steel propeller features include:
•Traditional factory installed rubber hub, no hub kit required.
•Precision balanced blades.
•High gloss polish finish.

Fits: Yamaha Outboard motors 150-300 HP
150HP 1986 and newer
F150 4-Stroke 2004 and newer
175HP 1984 and newer
F175 4-Stroke 2014 and newer
200HP 984 and newer
200HP V MAX 2001
F200 4-Stroke 2002 and newer
VF200 V MAX 2010 and newer
220HP (Special) 1984-1985
225HP (Excel) 1987-1988
225HP 1986 and newer
F225 4-Stroke 2002 and newer
VF225 V MAX SHO 2010 and newer
F225 Offshore 2010 and newer
250HP 1990 and newer
250HP V MAX 2001
F250 4-Stroke 2002 and newer
VF250 V MAX SHO 2010 and newer
F250 Offshore 2010 and newer
300HP 2004-2007
F300 Offshore 2010 and newer

3.0L (130HP) EST/PSR 1989-1993
4.3L (205HP) EST/PSR/YEMS 1989-1993
5.0L (205HP) EST/PSR/YEMS 1989-1993
5.7L (260HP) EST/PSR/YEMS 1989-1993

SELVA 3 blade aluminum props
◦150 XSR EFI (White Whale)…..2014 and newer
◦150 EFI (Killer Whale)…..2014 and newer
◦200 EFI (Grey Whale)…..2014 and newer
◦225 EFI (Fin Whale)…..2014 and newer
◦250 EFI (Blue Whale)…..2014 and newer

Our part number 101028
OEM Part number 6G5-45945-01-00, 6R4-45970-AO-00, MAR-GYT3B-V6-20,MAR-VMAX3-06-20, 6E5-45970-10-00. 6E5-45970-10-98, 6G5-45945-00-36, 6G5-45945-00-EL. 6G5-45945-01-98, 6G5-45945-01-EL, 6G5-45974-00-98, 6G5-45974-01-98, 6G5-45974-02-98, 6G5-45974-03-98, 68F-45974-00-00, 6D0-45970-00-00
14 -1/4 X 20 RH 3 Blade Stainless Steel Edge II Propeller
Thru-hub exhaust & 15 splines


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 9 in










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