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DJX 3 Blade Propeller


0.61 E.A.R. - Diameter range: 12" - 21"

The DJX is an evolution of the tried and true Dyna-Jet series of propellers. The design has been modified with increased blade area, refined blade chord distributions, and optimized blade section geometry to be better suited for highly loaded, limited tip clearance applications. All "X" Series propellers are CNC machined to facilitate very accurate and repeatable product and are perfect for boaters who want to maximize their boat's performance. 

Because of the many factors that are involved in sizing the correct inboard propeller, we no longer offer inboard propellers on line. Please call us at 800-446-9733, or email us at with your specific requirements.

DJX propeller features include: 

  • New design of the popular Dyna-Jet style propeller.
  • 21 degrees of skew for ultimate performance in nibral alloy for strength and durability.
  • Utilizing state of the art computer technology for consistent and repeatable quality.
  • Made in the USA by Michigan Wheel Corporation - Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Sizes offered are normally in stock for fast delivery.
  • EAR 0.61

     Bronze or Nibral: Most propellers are available in Bronze and in Nibral. Propellers that are over square (pitch is larger  than diameter) are usually only available in Nibral because of the higher strength. If Nibral is the only option available the propeller is not available in Bronze. Bronze propellers are usable on boats with up to 200HP and Nibral should be used on boats with motors over 200HP. Special requests are possible but please call for availability.   

SPECIAL NOTE: Inboard Propellers are not returnable as they are stocked in a factory pilot bore and are machined to your boats shaft size. It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate propeller bore dimensions. Inboard Propellers are purchased at the risk of the consumer and as such are advised to make sure the size and dimensions are correct for their boats requirements.