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Sailer 2 Blade Propeller

Sailer Series

Our Sailer fixed pitch propellers are very popular among sailboaters. The 2 bladed Sailer fixed pitch propeller is the best choice for sailboaters seeking to maximize sailing speed. It offers minimum drag while under sail and the power to get you where you're going when the wind stops blowing. 


Sailer 2 Blade is designed for minimal drag under sale.

Most sizes in stock. Please call before ordering to confirm availability. 

The Michigan MP 3 blade is a better choice for sailers desiring better performance from the propeller.

Made in USA by Michigan Wheel Marine in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

EAR 0.30

Because of the many factors that are involved in sizing the correct inboard propeller, we no longer offer inboard propellers on line. Please call us at 800-446-9733, or email us with your specific requirements.  

SPECIAL NOTE: Michigan Inboard Props are not returnable as they are stocked in a factory pilot bore and are machined to your boats shaft size. It is the customers responsibility to provide accurate propeller bore dimensions at time of order.