SOLAS Amita3 13 X 19″ 3 Blade Aluminum Propeller (1411-130-19)

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Solas Amita3 propeller for Mercury and Mariner Outboards.

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SOLAS uses a state of the art squeeze casting process to make their aluminum propellers stronger and tougher than traditional die cast products. SOLAS aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint. Using superior coatings and a high-tech painting process ensures excellent anti-corrosion performance. SOLAS aluminum propellers are exposed to over 500 hours of testing in a salt water spray tank. This testing simulates more than 6 months of normal salt water use. Every Solas Amita propeller features a NAVAL brass spindle with a rubber cushioned hub which absorbs impact and the stress caused by shifting gears. The rubber bushing is designed to spin free under significant impact, reducing the potential for lower unit damage. Great primary propeller, yet priced as a weekend-saver spare!

SOLAS Amita3 Propeller 13 x 19 RH 3 Blade Aluminum 1411-130-19

SOLAS Amita3 propeller features include:

traditional factory installed rubber hub, no hub kit required
precision balanced blades.
high gloss black paint finish.
quality aluminum alloy for strength and durability.

Solas Amita3 Propeller 13 X 19 RH 3 Blade Aluminum

Amita3  propeller features include:
•traditional factory-installed rubber hub, no hub kit required
•precision-balanced blades.
•quality aluminum alloy for strength and durability.

Fits: Force®, Chrysler, U.S Marine 3 blade aluminum props
Using Mercury 4-1/4″ Gearcase
◦75 HP…..1999 and newer
◦90 HP L-Drive (Dual exhaust unit only)…..1990-1991
◦90 HP…..1995-1998
◦120 HP……1995-1998
◦120 HP L-Drive (Duel exhaust unit only)…..1990-1991
◦150 HP…..1989-1994
◦150 HP L-Drive (Duel exhaust unit only)…..1991

Fits: Honda 3 blade aluminum props
◦BF 75…..1995 and newer
◦BF 90…..1995 and newer
◦BF 115…..1998 and newer
◦BF 130…..1998 and newer

Fits: Mercury / Mariner 3 blade aluminum props (4-1/4″ Gearcase)
◦40, 50 HP (Bigfoot, 4-Stroke)…..All Years
◦60 HP (Bigfoot, 4-Stroke)…..1995 and newer
◦60 HP (Sea Pro/Marathon)…..1995 and newer
◦70 HP…..1987-1989
◦75 HP (2 & 4 Stroke)…..1984 and newer
◦75 HP (Sea Pro/Marathon)…..All Years
◦80 HP…..1978-1989
◦90 HP (2 & 4-Stroke)…….1978 and newer
◦100 HP…..1988 and newer
◦115 HP…..1978 and newer
◦115 HP(4-Stroke)…..2001 and newer
◦125 HP…..1994 and newer
◦140 HP(Includes Sea Pro & Offshore)…..1978-1981
◦*650 4 Cyl. (2:1)…..1961-1970
◦*650 2 Cyl…..Thru 1971
◦*800-850 6 Cyl…..Thru 1972
◦*800-850 4 Cyl…..1972-1977
◦*900-1500 Models…..Thru 1977
◦*80 HP (Yamaha)…..1977
◦*80 HP (MAriner)…..1978-1983
◦(*) use thrust washer 13191A1

Nissan, Tohatsu:
BFW60…..2014 and newer
BFT75…..2014 and newer
BFT90…..2014 and newer

13.25 X 17 RH 3 Blade Aluminum Propeller
Thru-hub exhaust & 15 splines

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