All the Wright Stuff

Charlie at Sema 2019
Charlie at Sema 2019

We want to introduce you to a member of our team. If you’ve visited our location, there’s a very good chance you’ve met him.

Tacoma Propeller has a small staff in a large warehouse with two busy shops. Of the many cogs in this small machine, one of them has knowledge and practice in all the areas of marine propeller work.

Meet key player and long-time employee Charles Wright.

In the early days of operation, Tacoma Propeller was Wright Marine, owned by Charlie’s family.  Read more about our history. We’ve been fortunate to keep Charlie and his expertise on our team. Charlie dabbles in machining, propeller repair, has extensive knowledge in automotive repair, and is our go-to-guy for handiwork. Friendly, matter-of-fact, downright knowledgeable about propellers, Charlie is usually in our front office. The rest of our crew looks to Charlie for educational tidbits on a daily basis. A big part of having a sea-worthy ship is having great crew members. We’re glad to have Charlie on our crew at Tacoma Propeller, making smoother sailing for our business and our customers.

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