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Since the 1950s, when we were operating as Wright Marine, Tacoma Propeller has been a stocking distributor for Michigan Wheel.

Michigan Wheel makes both inboard and outboard propellers, in addition to other parts. Their product catalog is extensive. Quality, Service, and Repairability are among the reasons our well-stocked warehouse is largely comprised of Michigan Wheel marine propellers.

Quality- For over 110 years Michigan Wheel has been an operating and adapting leader in the marine industry. Michigan Propellers has the capacity to CNC machine and hand-craft inboard mono-block, fixed pitch, and variable pitch propellers from 3″ through 96″ diameters. Tacoma propeller has warehouse stock of several styles MiWheel propellers up to 36″ diameter.

Service- Michigan Wheel has provided us with specialized proprietary software programs to review your vessel data and your performance expectations determining the best propeller match, in size and style, for your boat’s engine and gear ratio combination. In special cases we can reach out to our rep and engineer for help to ensure your propeller match as well.

Repairability- Our Propeller Repair Shop sees it’s fair share of damaged boat propellers, both inboard and outboard. The materials used by Michigan Wheel are such a quality that allows us to work with and repair with ease compared to many others in the industry.

Tacoma Propeller’s Aluminium Outboard Boat Propeller selection is primarily products made by MiWheel.

Stocked options include:


Consult our staff to inquire about additional limited stock in discontinued Michigan Wheel Outboard propellers, and Stainless Steel options.


Tacoma Propeller’s Inboard Boat Propeller stock is almost entirely MiWheel made.

Stocking Inboard Options include:


Call our shop  at 253-272-5065 or email sales@tacomapropeller.com  if you’d like to check the availability of a specific size boat propeller. Additional inboard options including Stainless, Power Tow, and wake adapted systems are made by and available for special order through Michigan Wheel upon consultation with one of their engineers.

Check out some vintage Michigan memorabilia from Tacoma Propeller's collection:

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