Why PowerTech! at Tacoma Propeller?


Tacoma Propeller’s expansive warehouse is well-stocked in outboard and sterndrive boat propellers. For stainless steel options, our shelves are lined in PowerTech!

Why have we chosen to stock, and often special-order from PowerTech!? The list of reasons is long. Here are a few.

Expansive Selection with Wide Range:

PowerTech!’s engineers have mastered dozens of blade designs for a wide range of motors. They’ve teamed with OEM manufacturers to produce some of the most aggressive and efficient props on the market. 

Many PowerTech! blade designs are excellently suited to multiple boat/motor combinations and can be hubbed for multiple possible applications. For example, we find the PowerTech ELE to be a good runner for many applications.

Other PowerTech! blade designs are very suitable for specific applications. With all the specifics about your boat performance, we can get you into the prop best suited to your application. An example would be the PowerTech SCD which is a semi-cleaver like you’d commonly find on a Yamaha motor.

Friendly Customer Service:

Tacoma Propeller’s business relationship with PowerTech! is made easy by their policies and enjoyable by their staff. 

PowerTech! staff is incredibly helpful and offers to share the knowledge behind their propeller suggestions, whether they’re helping us here at Tacoma Propeller or a retail caller. 

PowerTech! offers 30-day exchange/return terms on stock props, which Tacoma Propeller is happy to extend to our retail customers. Take note of some PowerTech customer feedback below!

Innovative Propeller Design:

PowerTech! cannot be highlighted without mentioning their proprietary Cushion Lock hub.

The USA designed and made boat propeller company boasts FOUR Ibex Innovation Award Wins for their safety-torque hub system, safety propeller, reverse thrust blade design, and the Scanalyzer. They are the only company to win an award three years in a row!

Did you catch that? These boat propellers are made in America! Your stainless steel props are cast and hand-finished in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Not sure what to choose? Contact us at 253-272-5065 or sales@tacomapropeller.com for help.

You can also get a download of our handy pitch guide!